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Dress Code

WPCS-Eastside Dress Code


                                                    Dress Code Policy



The following guidelines are intended to define appropriate student attire and personal grooming for students at school.  The appropriateness of the clothing will be determined by the normal wear of the clothes.  That is to say, they will be judged not just by the way the clothes fit when the student is standing still, but by the way the clothes fit as the student participates in the regular activities of the school day (walking, sitting, reaching, moving around, and during PE, etc.).


School attire must support a safe academic environment free from distractions. Clothing must be worn as originally intended, and that includes not wearing clothing items backwards.


1. Shoes must be worn at all times.  Shoes/sandals must have a heel strap.  Flip flops, roller shoes and high-heeled shoes (more than 2 inches) are not allowed.  Students must wear tennis/running shoes for PE, which they have every day.


2. Underwear, nor any part of the anatomy that underwear is designed to cover, may not be exposed.  All undergarments, cleavage, torso, chest, backs and stomachs must be covered at all times.


3. Shirts and blouses must cover the midriff.  If your stomach can be seen, then you have a bare midriff.  Tops must meet whatever is being worn on the bottom, covering the entire torso when arms are raised. Shirts with cut off sleeves or cutouts are not allowed.


4. Bathing suits, beachwear, exercise wear, or spandex-type clothing may not be worn as school attire. 


5. Clothing with inappropriate lettering, printing, patches, artwork, or messages are not allowed.  Clothing or personal items (such as backpacks) displaying any reference to drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, bigotry, gangs, tobacco, death, satanic themes, illegal activities or anything containing or suggesting obscenity or vulgarity are prohibited.


6. Belts must be worn through the belt loops and cannot hang down or extend past the buckle more than six (6) inches.


7. Pants must be worn at the waist and cover the underwear.  Sagging is not allowed. Leggings and/or tights may not be worn as pants. Leggings may be worn under shorts or skirts as long as the shorts or skirts are no shorter than the required length. Shorts must have an inseam of at least three inches and skirts must be of a comparable length.  Pants and jeans with holes/rips above the knee must have tights underneath them.


8. Hats may be worn at school outside of the classrooms and in the hallways to protect the student form the sun or extreme cold. Hats may not be worn inside at all.  Hats may only be worn with the bill facing forward.  No hats may be worn backwards or sideways; hats worn in this manner will be confiscated. During cold weather, winter hats made of wool or cotton will be allowed.


9. Extreme make-up or multiple hair color is not allowed. Students are expected to present themselves in a manner that will not disrupt the educational program of the school.


10.  The following items are in violation of our dress code:

     *midriff tops, see-through blouses, shirts, or tops

     *crop tops, off-the-shoulder tops, tank tops, halter tops

     *tube tops, backless tops, spaghetti straps, low necklines

     *clothing made of mesh or transparent material


     *sagging pants, flip-flops, pajamas, sleepwear, slippers, or blankets

     *chains of any kind and clothing or jewelry with protrusions that could be considered

        dangerous, like spikes or dog collars

    The school administration recognizes that fashion trends may make it hard for students to find appropriate clothing; however, it is important to maintain a proper learning environment.  Parents, guardians, and students are requested to take the proper steps to ensure their school wardrobe meets the standards of this school’s dress code.

   This dress code goes in effect immediately. Students who are found to be in violation of the dress code will be issued a citation.