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Mrs. Machado


Eastside Counseling Program

Welcome to the Eastside Counseling website!  My name is Leisa Machado, your school counselor at Frontier, Eastside & Westside Charters.  I am excited to have this opportunity to work with your children.  If you would like to get in touch with me regarding your child, you can either reach me by calling (916) 566-1860 x65464 or emailing me at leisa.machado@twinriversusd.org.

As the counselor at Eastside Charter, I am here as an advocate for your students.  Each day I work to support the social/emotional growth and learning of your children at Eastside.  My goal is to help the students of Eastside grow into independent individuals/students who are ready for high school and planning for college.

One way your students may spend time with me is in their classrooms, where I will be teaching guidance lessons.  These lessons cover topics such as High School and College Readiness, communication skills, making smart choices, and bullying, to name a few.  In addition to teaching guidance lessons, your students may visit me for small group counseling or limited individual sessions.  Due to all the other tasks I take on as the school counselor for all 3 charter schools, I unable to provide extensive, on-going therapy session.  However, if you want your child to receive ongoing therapy, I can provide you with community-based referral resources. 

Monthly Tip: Dealing with Anger

Being angry is O.K. Everyone gets angry sometimes. Dealing with anger appropriately is important to maintaining friendships.


To deal with anger, you:

  1.  Stop.

 2.  Take a deep breath.

 3.  Let it go.

 4.  Think "What is happening here?"

 5.  Make a plan.

         ·  Wait it out.

         ·  Talk it out.

         ·  Walk it out.

         ·  Apologize if you need to.

 6. Do it.                                                             



Teen Empowerment Group

Teen Empowerment groups are voluntary groups that meet every Thursday during P.E. Students will have the chance to interact in a small group setting while learning about the following counseling concepts:

~ Learning healthy ways to handle stress

~Managing anger

~Learning  how to express feelings and cope with them in healthy ways

~Learn healthy communication

~Team Building

~Making new friends

~Building a support system

~Identify personal boundaries and practice them in the group setting 


Permission Forms

If you would like for your child to join our Teen Empowerment Group, or receive individual counseling, please email me at leisa.machado@twinriversusd.org or call: (916) 335-8702.